Axiom Update 3.10.0

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.10.0 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:

New features

  1. Added the ability to customise user permissions in more detail to Axiom.

  2. This does not affect any existing user permissions – everyone is able to do the same things as before

  3. It’s now possible to customise full user access in more detail – look out for our updated Knowledge Base with a guide on how to use the new permissions system soon

  4. We’ll continue to add to the permissions framework over time and build in even more useful features

  5. Made changes to the Users page and details cards to support the new permissions system

  6. Added the ability to specify mandatory steps for completion in workflow and task lists before any other item can be begun

SMCR Improvements

  1. Added the ability to filter for “blanks” or “non-blanks” on SMCR grids

  2. This allows you to identify, for example, users who are in ANY certification role, or who do not have a certification role

  3. Added the ability to customise the alert list for each step of a multi-step workflow when launching it

  4. Added ‘absence’ status types to people/job-role relationships to track where individuals are away from the role for an extended period

  5. Responsibility Map diagrams no longer offer the option to “Show People” where there are currently no people in that function

  6. Committees and Boards are now grouped by the Legal Entity to which they belong on the Person details card

  7. MI – added assigned/unassigned advanced filters for responsibilities

  8. MI – added “Assignment” dimension for responsibilities

  9. These changes let you count responsibilities based on whether they are properly assigned within your entity or not

Breach Improvements

  1. Improved date validation on the new Issue/Breach form

  2. Dates identified, occurred and reported can only be in the past

  3. Users can ‘clear’ the date in a field by clicking the ‘x’ on the right

  4. The issue owner is now sent an email when an issue is created

  5. Added a warning message when closing an issue with currently open tasks

  6. Added description columns for both Issue and Issue Task grids

  7. Added a ‘User’ filter for MI for Tasks

  8. This allows you to create a chart showing tasks for a specific user/set of users only

  9. Expanded on the Audit History grids for Issues

  10. Now showing Add, Edit, and Remove actions for any related Records

  11. Now showing status updates for any related Task

Rules-mapping Improvements

  1. Added a count of failures to the ‘attestations’ tab on each item

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed an issue viewing function cards in IE11

  2. Fixed an issue that could be caused by uploading a text file as a record

  3. Fixed display of the Responsibilities MI data table where far right column did not show fully

  4. Fixed Issue Custom Fields (Numeric Textbox) field sometimes allowing letters and special characters

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at

Axiom Team

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