Axiom Update 3.10.11

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.10.11 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:

General Fixes and Improvements

  1. Improved the way that reminder lock settings are described to make them clearer to use

  2. Adjusted the way that MI grouping behaves when using custom field values

  3. We’ll be added specific support to group by custom field values as chart series in a future release

  4. Stopped events being assigned to inactive users

  5. Improved the display of the context menu on inapplicable topics

  6. Fixed an issue preventing delete of custom topics

  7. Improved the message provided when trying to add users beyond the account limit

  8. Fixed an issue where non-activated users could receive an email

  9. Added the ability to attach .zip files as attachments into e.g. Records and Evidence

  10. Added a “direct link” button next to the name of every item on its card, allowing you to copy the link to return directly to it

  11. Added permissions for events which let you control whether a user can see only their own assigned items

  12. Added event permissions with “Own Data” and “All Data” scopes

  13. This stops users seeing each other’s inboxes unless they have permission to see ‘all’ events. Standard user types have this permission by default but can be amended.

  14. Added a specific “Launch event” permission


  1. Added a permission allowing a user to see only their own created dashboards and reports

  2. Added the ability to manage the “shared user” list for a dashboard or report

  3. Users will always be able to see any dashboard or report shared with them, as well as any allowed by their permissions settings


  1. Fixed an issue where Controls could sometimes display as Processes on the issue card

  2. Adjusted columns on the Issue Task grid to ensure consistency between on-screen and CSV download

  3. Added Issue ID to the Issue Task list

  4. Added a permission scope “My Issues” to Issue Tasks

  5. This lets a user see any task on an issue which belong to them

  6. Added a permission to specifically control whether a user can close an issue or not

  7. Added an email which is sent whenever a record is added to an issue

  8. Stopped empty picklist values from being selected

  9. Added an MI filter for open and closed issue status

  10. Improved the warning when updating an issue which has had a mandatory field added since you last viewed it


  1. Stopped version comments and date being preserved when copying a Responsibilities Map

  2. Added ‘person status’ to the summary page of the person card

  3. Adjustments to SORs to include a wider variety of possible information

  4. Added the ability to generate a certification document based a set template on successful completion of the workflow

  5. This can also trigger emails containing the document link

  6. This framework allows for further workflow actions to be added on specific workflow results in the future

  7. Improved the way that a person’s certification status is stored in order to improve performance

  8. Added support for multiple different F&P workflows to exist and run independently

  9. Split the “function diagram” within a Responsibilities Map into “Organisation Design” and “Reporting Lines” diagrams to match the mapping views

  10. Added “FCA Approval” status tracking for people in roles

  11. Added a button letting you download all SORs in one action

  12. Added function ID and breadcrumb when selecting functions in the Responsibilities Map

  13. Added “terms of reference” record type for boards and committees

  14. Added a difference checking feature which compares all information contained within a Responsibilities Map and alerts you if the document needs updating

  15. Added a new “Person” table to Responsibilities Maps

  16. Made the “shared” section of a SOR editable


  1. Added start time to checklists

  2. Added the ability to set alternative result statuses (e.g. “Not Done”) to a task

  3. Added ‘Result Type’ to the workflow completed screen

  4. Added the ability to complete many tasks at once via the inbox

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at

Axiom Team


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