Axiom Update 3.10.18

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.10.18 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:

Rules Mapping

  1. We have now introduced Rule and Topic ‘matrix’ screens for an enhanced view of your organisation’s regulatory compliance framework

  2. Includes all the column filtering and selection features from the existing matrix screens and may be downloaded as a .csv (including all filters applied)

  3. Enhanced the performance of the ‘Rules Mapping’ grids. Users with large compliance frameworks will see faster loading times

Task Lists

  1. Wide range of Task List scheduling enhancements that includes options such as selecting a specific month (only) for Tasks to run and a re-factoring of the Monthly options

  2. Improved the ‘events grid’ to better split out individual tasks from the other ‘event’ types

  3. Added a ‘Result” to the events grid to display the given result of a completed task

  4. Minor enhancement to include the time a Task was completed on the ‘events grid’

  5. Minor enhancement to include the time a Task was completed in the Task e-mails

  6. Minor enhancement to better represent Tasks with long names when re-ordering

  7. Renamed certain columns within the Task table in the MI to make consistent with the UI

  8. Fixed an issue where re-ordering of Tasks was not being displayed in the UI

Issues Module

  1. Issues ‘grid’ – Introduced a range of filtering controls for ‘custom’ fields to better refine the list when managing your Issues

  2. Added a ‘date’ type custom field

  3. Reduced the number of alerts being generated when a record is linked to an Issue

Third-Party Oversight Module

Wide range of enhancements including:

  1. Enabled new options when sharing attestation data, to finely control the recipients of attestation evidence

  2. Introduced controls to manage the recipients of shared records linked to compliance framework entities

  3. Improvements to the UI to better review and accept incoming shares

  4. Clearer distinction of linked Rules to compliance framework entities that have been shared


  1. Introduced a ‘date picker’ data set option for Workflows, Reminders and Issues to extend the range of data that can be captured

  2. Added a “Field Date” dimension (grouping) to the MI so that you may group data from a date picker custom field by Day, Week, Month or Year

  3. Added a description field to data sets so that a user may provide extended instructions or guidance about that field

  4. Made it easier to disable an ‘event’ (e.g. Reminder or Task List) with a toggle on the event detail screen

  5. Added the ability to modify a data set name and description once it has been included in an event (previously this required creation of a new data set)

  6. In the Audit screens and other grids it is now possible to define a rolling period (e.g. ‘Last 7 Days’) making it easier to review ‘most recent’ changes

  7. Fixed a bug where the Topic filter within the Risk Matrix was not returning filtered results

  8. SMCR Module – Adjusted the message where a Responsibility was not visible due to Permissions

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at or contact your Delivery Manager.

Axiom Team


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