Axiom Update 3.10.4

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.10.4 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:

Issues and Tasks

  1. Fixed ‘Date resolved’ not saving correctly on issues

  2. Added Rule text to the issues card where a Rule is linked

  3. Added a complete Task button to Issue Tasks


  1. Fixed issues permissions being enforced suddenly when making an Issue a breach

  2. Fixed a mislabelled permission in the ‘users’ category

  3. The permission was labelled “View Reports” but related to “View Users”

  4. Added wider permission support for Issues and Issue Tasks

  5. You can now specify who can view and edit issues and tasks according to the Owner and/or Investigators

  6. Added permission support for responsibility types

  7. You can now specify which responsibilities can be edited according to their type e.g. stop users from editing prescribed responsibilities

  8. Changed the word “RolePermissions” to “Permissions” on the manage permission dialogue


  1. Improved MI filtering issues on rules and topics

  2. Fixed an error caused by adding items to MI cards

  3. Fixed Public Sharing of reports sometimes failing

  4. Fixed MI Custom field count filter using topic not working

  5. Added the ability to filter Issues for Related Task Status


  1. Added “Local Responsibility” as a type of responsibility

  2. Optimised the Person grid for search performance

  3. Added FRN and Administrative Contact against a Legal Entity

  4. Added Shared responsibility Count to the Overview Screen and allow filtering on Responsibilities Page


  1. Fixed an issue with logging creation of risks

  2. Fixed ‘Delete topic’ option not appearing correctly in Vue screens

  3. Fixed direct loading of pages through the login process

  4. Fixed entering numbers into Numeric Custom fields when using the keypad

  5. Improved wording of “Start” and “Lock” dates on multi-step workflows

  6. Fixed an issue with display of attestations with no valid subjects

  7. Tasks – provided a configuration option for tasks to only allow completion when all children are complete

  8. Added an email to the event owner when the above children complete logic makes the event now ready

  9. Implemented Single Sign On support

  10. This is an additional module which requires implementation by the Axiom team for your account. Please contact your customer success manager if you are interested.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at

Axiom Team


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