Axiom Update 3.11.0

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.11.0 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:


  1. Added major enhancements to the ability to allocate and delegate Responsibilities between individuals including the ability to map Responsibilities within a Hierarchy using the drag-and-drop features on a new Responsibility Delegation screen.

  2. Also includes:

  3. Added ability to attach Records and links to Responsibilities to provide further context such as Escalation lines and specific Governance arrangements

  4. Related updates to the Responsibility and Person ‘Card’ view to visualise Responsibilities and any delegations and “focus” in on specific Responsibilities

  5. Related updates to Responsibility ‘listing screens’ to drill down into Responsibility hierarchies and view attached Record Groups and associated Records as individual columns to better represent related controls to auditors.

  6. Improved the way staff ‘roles’ are allocated within the People ‘additional details’ screen to provide clearer and more targeted information relating to responsibility and SMF allocations on the Oversight Overview dashboard

  7. Improved the ability to click through on specific Conduct Rule metrics from the Overview screens to filter to relevant persons on the People listing screen

  8. Added a multi-select filter for Legal Entity in the Person listing screen to aid larger firms with employees that span multiple Legal Entities

  9. Added the ability to use RichText (formatted text) within the “Further Relevant Details” and “Shared?” columns within a SOR

  10. Improved the way we handle updates on SOR’s to preserve specific amendments when updates to other entities are made and accepted within the SOR

  11. Fixed an issue with SMF ‘filter for blanks’ on the People listing screen

  12. Fixed a similar issue with Responsibility ‘filter for blanks’ on the Responsibility listing screen


  1. For those users operating the SMCR, Task lists, and Third-Party Oversight modules with access to the revised Inbox screens we’ve added several improvements, including;

  2. Improved flow to better streamline the process of ‘subject-heavy’ attestations, removing for example the extra click to progress from entity to entity

  3. Included better visibility of previous attestation responses for a given entity within a workflow to better review previous steps during large workflows such as Annual Fitness and Propriety assessments

  4. Improved the prompts where evidence has not been provided to better inform users where they have not provided evidence when requested

  5. General improved look including a status bar fixed at the bottom of the attestation screen to better track progress during larger attestations

Breach Module

  1. Added the ability to add a description (up to 8000 characters) for Custom Fields to better inform your Users as to your requirements when filling out Issue/Breach forms

  2. Added the Issue ID to the Issue Task e-mail, including a clickable link

  3. Fixed a bug where a related Rule linked to the Issue was not always showing the relevant rule text once added to an Issue

  4. Fixed a bug where the originating attestation ‘event’ was not being displayed when clicking the relevant (i) within the Issue card

Third Party Oversight

  1. Fixed an issue where a person with Accept Share permission was not always able accept unless other related permissions were held.  This permission in isolation is now sufficient to be able to do so.

  2. Fixed and issue where the Person who proposed the share was not displaying correctly in the Sharing screen

Task List

  1. Fixed a bug where a user was unable to set a start time for a Task to appear in the inbox


  1. Enabled the ability to track a(nother) Reminder’s results within a Reminder for all users (not just those with the revised Inbox screens available within certain modules)

  2. Fixed an issue whereby ‘General comments’ were not being displayed on the attestation history for several compliance framework entities

  3. Fixed a bug within the Topic Matrix Screen where a URL that contained a filtered Parent Topic did not retain the selected Topic Filter when copied and reused in a new session

  4. Fixed an issue where the Topic count on the Rules Mapping screen was not always counting correctly (in the specific case where the Topic had been added to a Custom Document)

  5. Fixed an issue where field attributes were not being displayed in the Dataset cards for users with Breach and SMCR modules using ‘custom fields’/data sets, despite operating and displaying normally during their attestations.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at or contact your Delivery Manager.

Axiom Team


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