Axiom Update 3.11.2

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.11.2 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:


  1. Added a permission scope allowing you to allow viewing job roles for any persons a user can see

  2. Find this under “Job Roles for Visible People” in the details section of the “View Function” permission

  1. Added a version check which alerts you to refresh the screen if the current Axiom version has been updated since last use

  2. Improved a validation message which referred to attestations in inappropriate situations (e.g. editing a task)

  3. Fixed a problem with grid filter “remove” icon not removing all filters as expected

  4. Fixed a problem with grid filters using “Include children” options not saving this selection in the URL for sharing/bookmarking the results

  5. Fixed an issue causing linked items to not appear in the Rules matrix screen

  6. Improved performance when first logging in to Axiom

  7. Fixed a Firefox issue causing the “complete attestation” button to not be displayed correctly

  8. Updated the copyright notice in outgoing system emails to show the year 2020

  9. Fixed an alignment issue with dropdown options on grid screens

  10. Fixed an issue where the context menu for topics would not load

  11. Fixed an issue where a control could be displayed as if it were a process when linking directly from an attestation screen

  12. Fixed a problem causing the ‘tags’ column to not be visible on Matrix screens

  13. Improved the display of topic “breadcrumbs” (showing the hierarchy of the selected topic) when hovering over with the cursor on mapping screens

  14. Fix document-specific attestations (requested for a compliance document item) not showing in “classic” inbox screens

  15. Added pagination to the Users screen

  16. Added pagination to all item history screens

  17. Added a “Today” button to the ad-hoc attestation popup allowing users to easily select the current date


  1. We now prevent the user from creating a new workflow data set until the previous one is completed

  2. Added a warning where a parent task is set to be due before its sub-tasks

  3. Fixed a problem with creating reminders and adding alert list users at the same time

  4. Fixed an issue where searching tasks on name would not return proper results

  5. Fixed an issue where the “upcoming” events grid could not be filtered by owner

  6. Tasks can now be set with 15 minute time intervals

  7. Workflow placeholders can now be filtered (e.g. by legal entity) where needed

  8. Added a “specific comments” column to the attestation history summary tab for every item


  1. Renamed “View & Edit Restricted Person” to “View & Edit Restricted Person Fields” permission

  2. Blocked users are hidden from the list of users having a particular role

Third-Party Oversight

  1. We’ll automatically hide items when they’ve been unshared with you (and you have accepted this) as a recipient

  2. Items will still be visible if they have been linked to any of your own data, and will permanently be visible in attestation history views if you have attested to them

  3. Fixed an issue which could cause a process to appear to be duplicated instead of changed when changing its process type

  4. Axiom now logs some information at the recipient side when accepting new shares, or accepting unshare actions


  1. Added “Forum” and “Group” function types

  2. Added “Local” responsibility types to the responsibilities table

  3. Added the ability to download all responsibilities to CSV

  4. Fixed an issue where line breaks would not be preserved on saving an oversight document (SOR/RM)

  5. Fixed an issue caused by pasting content into a SOR document

  6. Fixed an issue which could cause responsibilities not to be displayed for the correct legal entity in a Responsibilities Map

  7. Fixed an issue with the display of headers in output PDF documents

  8. Fixed an issue which could incorrectly allow a local topic to be dropped onto shared items

  9. Improved the way the “Main Contact” field works to allow free text or person selection

  10. SORs no longer consider showing or hiding people on function diagrams as a change to those people

  11. Fixed display of responsibilities in the right-hand library on Oversight mapping screens

  12. Fixed an issue where the “copy direct link” button could be shown twice on function items

  13. Fixed an issue with linking people to Axiom users on the person details card

  14. Responsibility Map items (such as responsibilities) can now be mentioned for other entities (not just the one this RM is for)

  15. A responsibility name can now be 600 characters long (was 200)

  16. “Line Manager” for default certification workflows will now be automatically set where possible based on Reporting Line setup

  17. Made it easier to remove a person from the Reporting Line screen entirely

  18. Responsibility Records are now ordered by the user-provided Record Date (was the creation date of the record)

  19. Added the relevant legal entity for any job role shown in the Person table on a Responsibility Map

  20. Added a filter to the responsibility reference field

  21. Removing a person completely from a role is now impossible if that mapping has been the subject of a previous attestation

  22. You should set an “end date” for the assignment instead in this instance

  23. Added some styling to tables added to SORs which makes them naturally adopt the same look and feel as other tables shown on the document

  24. Removed the Axiom Logo from the Responsibilities Map document footer

  25. Added page numbers for the cover and contents page of the Responsibilities Map


  1. Fixed a problem that allowed adding a related item to an issue more than once

  2. Added an indicator to issues raised during attestation to capture which attestation it came from, even when using ‘basic’ issues only

  3. Added a topic’s children as suggested relationships when adding a new one

  4. Automatically add the user creating the issue to the investigators/watchers list

  5. Added “Investigators” and “Last Comment” columns to the Issues grid

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at or contact your Delivery Manager.

Axiom Team


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