Axiom Update 3.11.22

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.11.22 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:

Oversight / SMCR Improvements

  1. Added FCA Directory Fields against a Person to populate manually or via HR file import including ‘Commonly used names’, ‘Previous name fields’ and ‘Workplace locations’

  2. Includes FCA Directory Nationality lookup that can match an ISO reference such as an ISO Alpha-3 Code e.g. GBR to an FCA valid entry e.g. British

  1. Greatly improved the look of the Responsibilities Map (RM) ’tiles’ by ensuring uniformity in size and appearance when generating organisation diagrams in a variety of use-cases (e.g. where Persons are displayed and where Persons are not displayed, on one or more tiles)

  2. Added the ability to add and customise your own RM ‘cover page’ to add a greater degree of individuality to your regulatory compliance documentation

  1. Introduced an SMF ‘pivot’ table to provide a quick reference table for SMF allocations within your RM (in addition to the existing Person table)

  2. Added the ability to hide certain columns within the Person, Responsibility, Function and SMF pivot tables to better present information where users had already included this information elsewhere within their RM’s

  3. Added the option to be able to suppress the ‘Workflow Summary’ to Workflow Owners for those preferring using the MI to track each workflow launched

  4. Amended the default behaviour when launching a Workflow to not be ‘recurring’ unless selected

  5. Fixed an issue where the drill through behaviour from the Overview Dashboard was sometimes not filtering to the correct results on the respective listings screens

  6. Fixed an issue where the Line Manager Placeholder was not prepopulating each Step with the selected entry

  7. Fixed an issue where the ‘Import previous’ supplementary information on the Statement of Responsibilities (SoR’s) was only pulling through version comments.

Record Permissions

  1. Greatly enhanced the functionality around Record Permissions to offer greater flexibility and control around which records for which entities a user can see or edit throughout (i.e. for all modules)

Issues Module

  1. Made the ‘Preview’ button clearer on the new Issue ‘groups’ to make this feature more accessible

  2. Fixed an MI issue where totalling Data Field counts of the customised Numeric TextBox fields was not providing correct totals

Inbox Screen and Attestations

  1. Added the ability to see which subjects are contained within any given attestation (such as a Workflow or Reminder) adding a richer level of detail within the Inbox screens

  2. Added the ability to copy a direct URL link from an attestation to enable sharing of specific attestation results (where permissions permit)

  3. Added the ability to cancel a Workflow to support a wider range of use-cases where Workflows need to be terminated ‘mid-flow’; whilst retaining responses to previous Steps

General Improvements

  1. Fixed a minor issue where the delete behaviour on selected Pick List items was not always consistent in certain scenarios

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at or contact your Delivery Manager

Axiom Team


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