Axiom Update 3.11.9

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.11.9 – Easter Update is now live!

This update contains the following changes:

Oversight Module

  1. Introduced a greater level of customisation on Certification Templates including styling options such as logo’s and tables and increased the attributes that can be pulled through into these documents.

  2. Table Headers in Responsibility Map (RM) documents now repeat across pages.

  3. Added the ability to (optionally) automatically pull through Boards and Committee allocations onto the Statements of Responsibility (SOR).

  4. Added Date and Version number (user editable) to all pages of the RM.

  5. Added a Responsibility Table with a Responsibility Type to the RM that will also include where Responsibilities have been delegated.

  6. The Person Table will now filter for Job Roles specific to the RM Legal Entity selected (vs. ‘All’ roles).

  7. Added the ability for a non-Super User to link People to User Accounts where they have appropriate View & Edit permissions.

  8. Added a line break for Responsibilities within the Person Table to better visualise linked Responsibilities within the RM.

  9. Added the option to force a User launching a Workflow to be the Workflow Owner, providing Admins with ability to give more control to non-permissioned users wanting to launch their own workflows.

  10. Made a minor amendment to provide a blank entry in the Person Table where a Person is not Certified persons (vs. stating ‘No’). Certified persons will continue to be highlighted as Certified.

  11. Fixed an Issue with Person Job Role Filter on People Grid where it was presenting additional Function Types in the drop-down list.

  12. Fixed an Issue where not all linked Function types were being pulled through against a Person during an Attestation.

Issues Module

  1. Added “Date created” column to Issue grid with filters for easier access to recent and historical issues.

  2. Fixed an Issue where it was not possible for a User to select todays date as the Issue Reported Date.


  1. The User Interface (UI) will now better enable Hyperlinks via a toolbar option within the Description and all other ‘Rich Text’ fields.

  2. Users can now upload multiple files when attaching evidence to an attestation in the new UI.

  3. Fixed an issue where a user was unable to delete ‘Address Book’ Records attached to Processes and Controls.

  4. Fixed an issue in Matrix Screens where linked entities were appearing only on downloaded CSV files.


  1. It is now possible to toggle a Workflow to be completable only when all linked Issues have been resolved (these Issues will be displayed for review where configured to do so).

Task list Module

  1. Fixed an Issue where using Complete Many did not set result type for Tasks

Third-Party Oversight (TPO) Module

  1. Fixed an issue where notifications were still identifying pending shares that were requiring review when they had been assessed and ‘actioned’.

  2. Fixed an Issue where navigating to an entity within an attestation would display other Recipient Accounts.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at or contact your Delivery Manager

Axiom Team


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