Axiom Update 3.12.0

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.12.0 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:

Oversight / SMCR Improvements

  1. Added controls throughout Axiom which allow you to view ‘Historical’ relationships

  2. This affects any mapped item with an ‘Ended’ date provided: for example a person in a job role which has now ended

  3. A coloured indicator and ‘clock’ icon will highlight where an historical item may be found

  1. You can find these controls on the following pages:

  2. Person, Function, and Responsibility cards

  3. Person, Function, and Responsibility grids

  4. Organisation Design, Reporting Lines, and Responsibility Delegation mapping screens

  5. Hid ‘ended’ values in various places by default given the above feature

  6. Hid ‘ended’ values (such as previous occupants of a job role) from standard dropdown lists

  7. Greatly improved the way Axiom manages Certification/Significant Harm Functions

  8. We’ve added Start and End dates to each function, and allowed these to be updated directly from workflow

  9. These will directly feed into the (forthcoming!) automated file submission for regulatory submissions

  10. Added detailed Certification Function summaries to the person card

  11. Improved the display of allocated responsibilities on the Overview dashboard to make it quicker to click through to the list view

  12. Added validation to ensure Certification Functions cannot be provided for a person with a start date before their hire date

  13. Added the ability to create a workflow with no owner, forcing it to be selected when the workflow is launched

  14. Added the ability to press CTRL-S on forms within Axiom to immediately save the form

  15. Added the ability to assign specific workflows to a legal entity

  16. Added ‘certification legal entity’ to the certificate template designer

  17. Fixed an issue displaying job roles with no person assigned on a function card screen

  18. Fixed an issue caused when clicking on a job role with no person assigned from the mapping Library pane

  19. Fixed an issue where Responsibility Map images would not display correctly

  20. Fixed an issue where the ‘loading’ indicator on Responsibility Map tables was not being shown

  21. Improved the layout of ‘compact’ tiles mode on the Responsibility Delegation mapping screen

  22. The currently selected legal entity will now be retained when navigating away from and back to the Overview dashboard

  23. Fixed an issue where SOR changes were not immediately reflected on the SOR list on the left-hand panel

  24. Added a Copy button to the SOR page

  25. Fixed an issue importing Dates of Birth in certain formats

  26. Improved management of sub-responsibilities directly from the card screen

  27. Fixed an issue saving ISO-standard Nationality values when setting the Country for a person

  28. Fixed an issue tracking previous names when a person’s title changes

  29. Added the name of the workflow to the file name for a generated certificate

Third-party oversight

  1. Added the ability to directly see the count of attestations done by the ‘master’ who has shared items with you on the matrix grid screens

Inbox Screen and Attestations

  1. Fixed an issue where attached evidence would not display properly

  2. Added an option to always show subjects on Inbox items

General Improvements

  1. Fixed an issue caused by adding ampersand characters (&) to record names

  2. Added the ability to drag and drop files into Axiom wherever files can be uploaded

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at or contact your Delivery Manager

Axiom Team


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