Axiom Update 3.18.0

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.18.0 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:


  • Added the ability to include multiple statuses and dates for a person's functions (for example, their job role)

This allows you to accurately reflect a history of a person within a role, including periods where they were doing something other than carrying out their job as a main activity.

This can be used to better capture a history of periods such as training, transition, or long-term absence:

This can now be managed everywhere that you could adjust a person's job role before. You'll now see new options to maintain status like this:

  • Made various improvements to the user interface around person and function cards and grids to reflect job role histories as above

  • Removed the 'Delegated' description type from process->responsibility links as this is now entirely described by the 'Responsibility Delegation' feature

  • Added a section on the right-hand mapping library for 'Reporting Lines' to gather all people without an existing reporting line

  • Fixed an issue causing a termination date for a person to not be respected on function tables within RM documents

  • Fixed an issue with newly changed job roles being reflected on RM documents

  • Added the ability to filter people by their certification status within specific legal entities and improved the display of this column

  • Fixed an issue with "Delegated to" information on CSVs downloaded from the responsibility grid screen

  • Improved behaviour of dropdown lists in RM documents

  • Fixed an issue with filters for governance functions (boards, committees) on functions grid screen

  • Improved the display of people without a job role in the right-hand library window

  • Fixed an issue allowing selection of an archived person on RM documents

  • Fixed an issue with dates relating to SMF tags and responsibilities on Statements of Responsibilities

  • Fixed an issue with the calendar on the 'FCA Directory' screen's history view

  • Allow a SOR to be created even if the person does not have a valid job role on the given date

General fixes and improvements

  • Added keyboard shortcuts throughout Axiom!

These can be used to quickly navigate or activate common actions on Axiom.

For example, you can press shift+r (to navigate to Rules Mapping) then shift+3 (to navigate to Controls) to quickly access this screen

Review the full list below (or by finding the 'Keyboard Shortcuts' help menu in the bottom right of each screen

  • Added the ability to 'freeze' various columns on grids in Axiom

This allows you to fix the leftmost 1-4 columns in place when scrolling to the right and makes comparing large numbers of rows much easier

  • Tweaked the column order for the persons grid to better make use of the above feature and resized the ID column slightly

  • Added the 'Tags' management screen to the new user interface

You can find this under 'Admin' - it works exactly like the equivalent screen from the classic interface!

  • Added the ability to enter an item's ID (instead of its name) to locate it when searching in various dropdowns, for example when adding related items to an issue:

  • Stopped loading the classic user interface when user logs in and instead only do this on demand of classic screens

  • Fixed an issue that could cause an extra click to be needed to dismiss attestation notifications

  • Fixed an issue with the ordering sequence of items added to 'advanced' grid screen relationships

  • Fixes to improve layout of various card views in Firefox

  • Improved the display of the 'Roles' table to immediately refresh when adding a new role

  • Fixed an issue with reminder permissions when a user had only the "View Own Data" event scope

  • Fixed permissions issues when mapping various rules-mapping items

  • Fixed an issue caused when adding an ampersand ('&') to role names

  • Fixed an issue with emails not containing details of failed reminder items

  • Fixed an issue opening task events from MI results

  • Fixed an issue allowing allowed attesters and owners of task events to overlap

  • Fixed filtering events on the 'Rejected' column

  • Fixed an issue with closing an issue from the inbox screen

  • Fixed an issue caused by switching to 'Rules' view after searching for linked controls

  • Fixed an issue saving cards using 'Issue by Field Value' queries

  • Fixed an issue caused when completing reminders and returning to the inbox

  • Fixed an issue causing the 'Back' button to be hidden on MI cards

  • Fixed an issue filtering on user role types

  • Fixed an issue with searching event design screens

  • Fixed the display of 'previous issues' when completing attestations that have linked task items

  • Added a more helpful message when trying to upload a completely empty file as a record

  • Fixed an issue with task items appearing incorrectly on the event grid

  • Made sure that the 'copied to clipboard' message appears when used for the first time on a record

  • Fixed searching by ID number not behaving as expected for rules

  • Fixed the 'Issues' screen CSV download not respecting applied filters

  • Improved a tooltip description for mandatory multi-pick fields

  • Improved applying grid filters for 'multi-select' type options only when the user clicks 'Apply' or loses focus

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at or contact your Delivery Manager.

Axiom Team

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