Axiom Update 3.22.0

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.22.0 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:


  • Added a "Days to submit" count on the FCA Directory page

This considers business (not calendar) days when considering the "7 days" rule in the basis of the calculation, but shows you a true (calendar) days value from today until the deadline date.

E.g. If a person changes their name on Wednesday 13th January, 7 business days after this - the submission deadline - is Friday 22nd January. If today is Thursday 14th January, 'days to submit' will therefore show me a value of 8, as there are 8 days until this file must be submitted.

  • Added further validation for start date of certification functions (roles) on the FCA Directory page

  • Added FCA Directory filters for "Within next 7" and "Within next 3" days to help identify urgent submissions

  • Fixed an issue with the scroll bar on the "FCA Directory" page

  • Fixed an issue with the "Downloaded by" column of the FCA Directory history popup

  • Various changes to person (HR) record importer configuration options to support implementation requests

  • Added logic to include middle and commonly-used names (and changes to these) as part of FCA Directory amend requirements

Third-party Oversight

  • Improved display of items that have been removed by a sharing account to no longer highlight further changes

  • Fixed an issue with linked processes using the "basic" relationships view on rule matrix screens

  • Fixed an issue with display of newly shared processes causing a permissions error

General Improvements and Fixes

  • Added support for multiple rule types with the same reference

This change supports the new duplication of rules added 1st January 2021 as part of the Brexit (TPP) changes. Further information can be found at

  • Added display of rule 'type' in various new parts of the interface, to allow rules with identical references (and different types) to be clearly distinguished

  • Amended labels to improve readability of plurals

○ E.g. "Job roles" instead of "Job role(s)"

  • Fixed an issue with missing data in Rule matrix screens

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at or contact your Delivery Manager.

Axiom Team

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