Axiom Update 3.23.0

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.23.0 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:

Ownership of events in Axiom

  • Added an option that lets you assign ownership of events (attestations, workflows, or tasks) to people in more powerful ways

  • You will now see two options when choosing people for an event: 'Everybody in a list' and 'Anybody in a list'

  • 'Anybody in a list' means all of these people will be considered owners of the same event. They will all see it in their inbox, and any of them can complete it

  • 'Everybody in a list' means that Axiom will create a duplicate of this event for each person. So if you add three people to an 'Everybody' event, all three will get their own copy, meaning they must ALL complete a version of that event

  • We've renamed the 'Allowed attesters' list to 'Backups' for added clarity when it comes to workflow and task events (which may not be considered attestations.) Tick the 'Plus backups' checkbox to add a list of backups

  • All of your existing events will show as 'Anybody' types with their existing owner still in place, and backups (if applicable) - so nothing will change on any events you've already set up

  • Added a 'claiming' feature to events

  • You will now see an option labelled 'Allow claiming by one person' on events

  • If you select this option, then events will show as 'unclaimed' when viewed in the inbox or on the event completion screen

  • Any event owner (or backup) can claim the event by pressing the appropriate buttons on these screens. Anyone else who can see the event (such as other owners) will see that it has been claimed. Nobody else can work on the event whilst it is claimed by another person

  • If you have claimed an event and do not wish to complete it any more, you may 'unclaim' it with another click. You may enter a comment at this time which will be saved to the event and you will be given the option to save or remove any in-progress information that you've added already when you do this

  • You won't be able to reassign an event if it's been claimed by someone already.

  • A new permission has been added to the 'Events' permission category named 'Remove claim.' A user with this permission may remove claimed items from other people. This is useful for administrators to fix problems such as an item claimed by a person who is no longer available

  • Added a 'history' screen to events

  • With all the new things that can happen to an event such as claiming and unclaiming, a full 'history' view for an event is available from a sub-menu just like with other items in Axiom

  • Added a 'View event history' permission to control access to this screen

  • We've standardised the terminology for events in Axiom to make clear the three types that exist: Attestations, Workflows, and Tasks. Many areas where the word 'reminder' was used have been updated to add clarity

User groups

  • You can now create 'groups' of users in Axiom

  • This is useful to put people into teams or other groups that help you manage them more effectively

  • Create user groups by selecting Users -> Groups from the menu in the "Admin Panel" section of the app

  • You can add users to as many groups as you want

  • You can now assign events to groups of users

  • To do this, simply select the group instead of a person when picking owners

  • When the event is locked (on the 'lock date' for attestations, or at the start of the task or workflow period for those events) the user group is checked and the relevant people are associated with the event

  • This means that when you make changes to the membership of a group, they will take effect from the next time your event locks

  • User groups work with the new event ownership features above in powerful ways! If you add a group to an 'Anybody' event, then anyone in the group can complete it. If you add a group to an 'Everybody' event, then each person in the group will get a copy of the event to complete

  • Groups can also be backups and work like you'd expect - anyone in the group will also have the ability to complete the event and will receive the appropriate notifications depending on your backup settings

  • You won't be able to delete a group, or remove the last user from a group, if it's set as an owner of any ongoing event in the system

Event sharing

  • Added the ability to directly share an event (attestation, task, or workflow) from the design screen

  • This happens from the 'Sharing' sub-menu which will be available if using Axiom for third-party sharing

  • This replaces the (previously automatic) behaviour where all attestations related to a shared item (such as a control) would be visible to sharing recipients

  • Now you may select individual events to share, and specific recipients to share with

  • Note: You will need to 'opt-in' to any events you wish to continue to share with recipients before they will see them again

  • Tasks and workflow events may now be shared, in addition to attestations

  • Added a new dropdown on the 'Completed & Due' screen allowing you to view all events provided by sharing accounts, regardless of what items they relate to

  • Added a 'Show Task data' checkbox to Rules Mapping matrix screens enabling MI for tasks (including shared tasks where relevant) in the same way as for attestations

  • Added sharing colour (yellow) and indicator to shared events in the same way as for other shared items when viewing mapping, card, or matrix screens

  • When completing a shared task with evidence, you will also be prompted to pick specific recipients to share that evidence file with. This works in the same way as when adding evidence to attestations

Other event improvements

  • Added listing/matrix screens for individual event types: workflow, task lists, and attestations

  • These screens let you review and manage events in a table form rather than rely on the drag-and-drop design view - especially useful when you have large numbers of events to manage

  • Improved event notification emails to better inform the user, including when an event has already been claimed using the new functionality

  • Improved the controls to find and manage workflows of different types in the system

  • Significant new improvements to workflow will follow in an update scheduled for Q2 2021!


  • Added a View Event permission scope named 'View workflow results'

  • This new option on the 'View Event' permission controls whether a user should be able to see workflow responses that have caused results, such as a certification answer which has caused a warning or failure of certification

  • Without this option, a person completing a workflow will be able to review the completed event without any visibility of the results coming from it

  • With this option, results and warnings will be visible

  • Improved the process of adding a job role to a new person when creating them

  • Added a 'clear filters' control to the FCA directory screen

General improvements and fixes

  • Improved the colour styling on MI tables to be in line with colours used elsewhere

  • Improved the display of results on the global search screen to make them easier to browse

  • Added a new data column to the global audit screen displaying 'related' items to the change on each row

  • Added 'alt_text' captions to images in Axiom emails where it was missing

  • Improved the calculation of date when 'force due date' option is chosen on launching a workflow

  • Fixed a missing redirect message when coming from the deprecated requirements screen

  • Removed 'Open in classic screen' options on rules mapping items

  • Fixed an issue that could be caused when right-clicking to open menus multiple times

  • Fixed task layout on inbox screens at different browser widths

  • Fixed due times for events occasionally not showing in inbox screens

  • Fixed a scenario when launching multiple workflows with persons without line managers or email

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at or contact your Delivery Manager.

Axiom Team

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