Axiom Update 3.24.0

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.24.0 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:

FCA Directory & Oversight (SM&CR)

  • Enhanced the Certification Process and Directory features to ensure full coverage to firms that certify Persons in Roles with Customer Engagement Method and activities requiring qualification

  • When performing an attestation with one of those Certification Functions Users will be prompted to add the following in line with Directory guidance

  • Customer Engagement Method,

  • Activity,

  • Workplace Location (where appropriate), and;

  • Relevant accredited body the Directory Person is a member of

  • To simplify submission on certificate approval these entries will populate the Directory feature which will guide the User to the correct Directory template(s), validate the data and then allow the information to be downloaded for quick entry into the FCA template and submission into Connect

  • Enhanced the Directory Feature to be able to select one, more or all Persons for Directory submission per template per Entity to better control Persons being submitted

  • In addition to the above added IRN, First Name and Last Name filters to better target persons being submitted

  • Added an 'Exclude No Change' template filter on the Directory page to better identify Persons requiring submission

  • Improved the importer logic around modifying a First, Middle and Last Name to better accommodate FCA Directory requirements when importing from an HR system

  • Improved the user journey when viewing previous responses during a Workflow to better retrieve past entries e.g. answers provided in a previous years Certification

  • Improved the representation of linked Rules in the drop-down lists by displaying their full text for quicker identification when linking Rules to Responsibilities

  • Improved the visibility of the context menu to manage datasets when modifying a Workflow

Third Party Oversight

  • Introduced an informative message to clarify why updates to a shared entity that sits across multiple Topics are being presented as changes to be accepted

  • Improved the behaviour when switching between Event types on an entity screen Events tab for recipients to be more intuitive

  • Fixed a visual error where Attestations listing screens were displaying linked Task Lists as linked Reminders

General improvements and fixes

  • Improved the way we display aggregated 'Other' data in shared Dashboards and Reports to ensure consistency with original reports

  • Optimised the loading of the Inbox screen for performance improvements where an account has many Users

  • Improved the identification and selection of Events in 'waiting' and due when selecting such Events from the notification drop-down list (particularly useful where an Event has a dependency on another)

  • Added the due time to the Tasks listings on the Events grid for better indication of Task deadlines

  • Resolved an issue where when loading the same evidence file twice it was causing an error

  • Resolved an issue where filtering for scheduled Event frequencies was not returning the correct results on the Task List grid screen

  • Resolved an issue where the date picker was sometimes not easily visible in certain screen resolutions when launching an ad hoc Event

  • Resolved an issue whereby attestation to Task Lists within a Reminder was not possible where the "Do not permit final attestation until all included Reminders are completed." flag was set

  • Resolved an issue where accessing the History tab from a copied Task Event link resulted in an error

  • Resolved an issue when removing a dependency on multiple Tasks which was producing an error

  • Resolved an issue where counting Attestations - Overdue by User was not always presenting the correct Users in the counts

  • Resolved a rare case where rapidly switching between entities in the right-hand side Library was causing entities to not be represented correctly

  • Further removed our dependency on the 'classic' Axiom screens by rerouting Requirements, Topics and Reminders to the newer User Interface

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at or contact your Delivery Manager.

Axiom Team

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