Axiom Update 3.31.0

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.31.0 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:

Inbox Improvements

  • Delivered a major performance overhaul of the Axiom Inbox to improve the experience for customers performing regular tasks including those enterprise-scale customers performing many hundreds of daily operations. The subsequent redesign has introduced a number of changes including:

  • The Inbox is now split between Events where you are the 'Owner' vs. a 'Backup', to make it easier to prioritise your daily tasks depending on how they have been allocated

  • The Inbox is further split into Event 'type' to make it easier to get an overview of each pending Event type, particularly useful to those clients utilising several Axiom modules (such as the Attestations, Task Lists and Oversight Modules)

  • The count of Events now represents those Due and Overdue with a breakdown provided on mouseover to give a clearer representation of the total status of all pending events

  • Where an Event is assigned to a User Group the Group name is now displayed (instead of listing all group Users as per previously) reducing the screen 'real-estate' taken by Events assigned larger User Groups; improving the look and feel on those screens

  • The 'All outstanding' section retains a view of 'all' Event types but will now redirect the User to each constituent Event type section for further information

  • New sorting options have been provided for Issues to make it easier to organise larger lists, particularly useful for those making use of the Breach module

  • Added a filter for 'Claimed status' to make it easier to identify all unclaimed Events in a 'busy' Inbox

  • Added the ability to claim multiple Tasks at once ensuring it is much faster to claim for those who have been allocated a wide selection of Tasks

  • Added a 'Shared' indicator to Tasks that includes a list of all clients a Task is shared with on mouseover for those using the Third-Party Oversight module

  • Added the ability to set a given Inbox section as your default landing area if you tend to work with a given Event type over others (otherwise it will default to the first section that has an item Due)

  • As a result of these performance improvements certain operations will be performed much faster (particularly noticeable for those clients completing many Tasks at once)

Third-Party Oversight

  • In addition to Inbox improvements listed above we have added a new Permission to 'Manage Event sharing' that controls whether a User may set sharing on a Task List

  • Also added are confirmation steps on the Task List and Task Sharing tab to better protect against accidental application of Sharing options

  • A 'History' table is include within the tab to provide a quick review of Sharing activity

Oversight (SM&CR)

  • Made a small UX improvement to carry through the date range filtered to when transitioning between the Person card and the FCA Directory screen when managing a Person's submissions

  • Introduced a pop-out dialog to make for a much better UX when editing the Further Details and Supplementary Information in Responsibilities Maps

  • Added the Person's name to the Job Role when assigning a Responsibility from the Responsibility Card (to compliment the Person search already provided)

  • Added the ability to include all Certification Functions across all Legal Entities for a certified Person on their certification Templates (in addition to Certification Functions that have been applied to the relevant Legal Entity during that Certification)

  • Introduced the ability to selectively map incoming Persons without a 'department' from an HR system import to a specified default department to add flexibility for a specific use-case where this data cannot always be provided

Other General Improvements & Fixes

  • Improved the wording when designing Attestations that provide oversight of other Attestations and Task Lists for a better User Experience (UX)

  • Modified the naming of Custom Field types to make these more user-friendly to non-technical Users

  • Improved the performance of the download Events feature to further improve the speed and stability for those customers downloading many thousands of rows

  • Completed the main body of work to resolve the issue whereby the & 'ampersand' symbol was being not being rendered correctly - introduced as part of a routine security upgrade to further protect Axiom from 'non-Axiom' code

  • Resolved an issue whereby the number Field was not visibly stripping out leading zeroes despite them being stripped on save

  • Resolved an issue whereby entering too large a number in the number Field was causing an error but preventing immediate correction

  • Resolved an issue found in testing whereby in very rare cases it would not be possible to complete an Attestation where a specific combination of Certification Functions, sharing options and evidence configuration was present

  • Resolved an issue where it was not possible to remove the Tags filter when applied to a Rules Mapping matrix screen

  • Resolved an issue whereby the positioning of a new Custom Field was not retained during the 'create' case

  • Resolved an issue whereby it was possible to filter the Event grid by a result type despite not having the View Workflow Results permission

  • Resolved a similar issue discovered in testing whereby when viewing the Events tab on a compliance framework entity (e.g. Risk, Process or Control) it may have been possible to deduce a Workflow's result without having the View Workflow results permission

  • Resolved an issue whereby the 'Evidence provided' filter was not operating correctly on the Events grid

  • Resolved an issue where the Completed by information was not being included in the .csv when downloading the Events grid

  • Resolved an issue causing warnings in Person importer load reports suggesting a Person had overlapping dates and multiple departments where this was not sometimes the case

  • Added the 'Claimed by' column to the Download (.csv) on the Events grid as a general 'housekeeping' improvement

In a Rush?

Don't always have time to read our blog posts right away? You can always access our release notes later by clicking the release version in the Axiom Welcome menu.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at or contact your Delivery Manager.

Axiom Team

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