Axiom Update 3.34.0

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.34.0 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:

Oversight Module

  • Delivered performance improvements to the 'Mapping' screens (e.g. Organisation Design and Reporting Lines) to deliver far better performance to customers with large Oversight populations

  • Subsequent load times following the initial load will be significantly improved

  • Long lists of People will now load on an 'as required' basis to improve overall performance

  • The Oversight Overview screen has also been optimised to see an improvement in loading times for enterprise scale customers

  • Added filtering to the Responsibilities Maps screen to assist those customers who have generated many iterations of documents across many firms

  • Made a minor visual improvement to the Risk Heatmaps on Responsibilities to make it easier to identify those Risks with greater severity scores

  • Improved the reporting for Reporting Lines that identifies instances where the incoming data from Human Resource systems would result in the creation of a 'circular reference' in the Line Management data

Issues Module

  • Added the ability to download a CSV that includes the linked Issue Tasks to better support pivot table queries and further analysis in external management information (MI) tools

Task Lists Module

  • Added the ability to bulk download all evidence from a Task Event card

  • Set 'evidence' Recipients included in Attestation and Workflow Designs to be defaulted to those selected on the Event design screens, achieving parity with the behaviour when sharing evidence within Tasks

General Improvements and Fixes

  • Delivered significant improvements to the Rules Mapping 'Mapping' screens and Rules Mapping libraries to deliver increased performance to customers with large compliance matrices

  • The same performance improvements have been added to the Event Design and the User administration screens to provide an improved experience to customers with extensive data in these areas

  • Column selections are now remembered across Event types on the Completed & Due grid for those clients working with multiple Event types

  • Provided the ability to click on and expand a changed Rule for even better viewing of those Rules with large word counts and/or those Rules with extensive tabular content

  • Added the ability to print Rule updates to better facilitate discussion in groups and committees

  • Added clearer audit messaging for Rule updates to make it easier to identify actions performed on Rules (e.g. where Rules have been ignored or updates accepted)

  • Added the ability to claim multiple Attestations and Workflow Steps within the Inbox to assist (for example) those Users who operate across teams and assign many events amongst themselves on a daily basis

  • It is now possible to edit Record Attachment notes

  • Address Book Record notes will also now be displayed on their Record cards

  • Added the number of days for which an Event within a Reminder is being tracked to the Attestation grid

  • Added a Progress % filter to the Events Completed & due screens to make it easier to track progress across many events, particularly useful for monitoring those Workflows created using the Bulk Launch feature

  • Added the ability to modify font sizes to 'rich text' fields (e.g. 'Description' fields), to give better control over content pasted in from other sources

  • Also added a Clear formatting button to revert formatting back to 'normal' text

  • Added display of last login time as part of a programme of continuous information security improvements

  • It will be possible to shortcut to the Audit History for the last login day for Users with Administrator privileges to quickly identify the subsequent activities on that last login day

  • Added better messaging in the Audit History to better identify where a User has been blocked and unblocked for better User administration and tracking

  • Resumed operation of the IP whitelist service for those customers making use of this security feature

  • Added some subtle messaging to Axiom system generated e-mails to identify from which account Axiom e-mails have been generated, to support those Users and consultants who operate across several Axiom domains

  • Added some subtle styling to the Overdue e-mails to make it clearer that totals within these e-mails are clickable links that route a User to the requisite pages in Axiom

  • Added some handling of a rare use case in Oversight where a User was not seeing data on a Workflow Tab within a Person card where that User did not have the Launch Workflow permission, and no data had yet been created

  • Resolved an issue where it was not possible to edit the Further details section in a Responsibility Map where it was currently 'excluded' from the document

  • Resolved an issue whereby an 'Object Reference' error was displayed against a Person imported as a circular reference (a message will now instead indicate where this is the root cause of Line Reporting issues)

  • Resolved a rare issue where Rules with a large word count that only contained tabular information in their formation were appearing as 'blank' in the Rules update screens

  • Resolved an issue whereby Users with View & Edit Reminder permissions were not able to add Tasks to a Task List

  • Resolved an issue where claimed Tasks were not generating Due e-mails where they were claimed, but not completed, by the notification time set before a Tasks completion deadline

  • Resolved an issue whereby filtering Tasks for Recipients they were shared with on was returning no data on the Task List grid

  • Resolved an issue whereby larger Recipient queries of Master Events (i.e. 'TPO Event') data were occasionally timing out on the Recipients Completed & Due screens

  • Resolved an Issue where Workflow Steps were not showing the Sharing highlight on the tile where shared under certain conditions

  • Resolved an issue whereby performing a search of an Attestation subject on the Attestations grid was returning no results even where this data existed

  • Resolved an issue whereby Task Lists and Attestations within an Attestation were not displayed in the Upcoming Events grid subjects column

  • Resolved an issue whereby 'Closed by' Username was retained on the Download CSV where an Issue had been reopened on the Issues grid

In a Rush?

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If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at or contact your Delivery Manager.

Axiom Team

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