Axiom Update 3.5: Reminder features, navigation and UI improvements

We’re proud to announce that Axiom version 3.5 is now live.

This is a major release for Axiom which includes a large number of improvements in various areas. We’ve broken these down into sections for ease of reference. Please also see the linked articles below which contain some further details around some of the more significant changes.

Reminders and emails

For more information on this topic, please see the full article: Axiom 3.5: Improvements to reminders and notifications

  1. Emails from reminders will be sent to all attesters by default

  2. All allowed attesters will see upcoming and due attestations on their inboxes (not just the reminder owners)

  3. You can now pick exactly when to get an email notification from Axiom about a reminder

  4. You can now control when a reminder “locks” and becomes ready to attest

  5. Added an email that Axiom will send when reminders are overdue

  6. Added an email that Axiom will send when items are failed

  7. Added an “alert list” to a reminder which controls who gets overdue and failure emails – Note: owners always get overdue and failure emails

  8. Added an email that Axiom will send where there are no attesters not “inactive” for an upcoming reminder

  9. Added the ability to reassign existing reminder events to new users

  10. Added the ability to cancel existing reminder events

  11. Axiom users can now set “away from office” status which shows various warnings around Axiom when they are due to attest something

  12. Added a fortnightly reminder frequency

  13. Added the ability to “request attestation” from various other places you see reminders in Axiom

  14. Added the ability to “lock” reminders ahead of the normal due date on a case-by-case basis to allow early attestation

Navigation and mapping screen improvements

For more information on this topic, please see the full article: Axiom 3.5: Content navigation adjustments

  1. The left-hand menu has been re-organised to make finding things easier

  2. Mapping screens are now navigated using the main page body

  3. Mapping screens have been reworked with a clearer and more useful layout

  4. Combined the gap reports into single left-hand menu item

  5. Combined the  matrix views into single left-hand menu item

  6. Combined various list pages into single left-hand menu items (e.g. ‘Records & Files’)

  7. Behind-the-scenes changes have been made to support any type and complexity of regulation content in Axiom

  8. Added an applicability toggle for mapping screens

  9. Added a “Content” Matrix report which takes mapping screens as the source of information.

  10. Added an “Applicability” column to the Content Matrix – you can trigger the applicability modal directly from here and hide inapplicable areas.

  11. Removed the mandatory link between processes, controls and risks – so you can now add a risk directly to a screen on Axiom

  12. You can now create a relationship link between a process and a control to describe that the control operates on that process – Note: You can control all relationships between items using the “Linked items” panel on the bottom of each tile

  13. Adjusted how clicks on mapping screens work – you now see more details about a process, risk, control or reminder by clicking anywhere at the top of its tile, and can go to the “details” page to edit something by picking “View/Edit details” from the menu on the right-hand side of the tile.

  14. Improved references to “Processes” and “Controls” in various places

  15. New processes, risks, and controls are now added to the bottom of the list on mapping pages, not the top

Miscellaneous improvements and fixes

  1. Improved the experience when visiting an attestation page when the attestation is already completed

  2. Added a ‘loading’ indicator to show within the ‘Add Files’ modal when adding evidence

  3. Improved behaviour of modal (popup) windows when they got long enough to extend off the bottom of the page

  4. Fixed a problem where the main scroll bar occasionally doesn’t load on a page

  5. Improved ability to open links from Axiom in new tabs without needing to sign in again

  6. Fixed an issue where opening an Axiom link whilst logged out would not always redirect to the right page after logging in

  7. Stopped the enter key being used when adding risk name to match other modal behaviours

  8. Improved the display of long links on compliance documents

  9. Improve references to ‘Reminders’ in various places

  10. Fixed poor positioning of contextual menus when clicking “Compliance Documents” items in Internet Explorer 11

  11. Added a “Last attestation” column on Matrix views so you can easily see when something was last reviewed

  12. Added the ability to export Matrix views to CSV

  13. Added drag-and-drop file upload functionality when creating a new record

  14. Removed sections with 0 processes from the reminder gap report

  15. Added the ability to change a process or control type (and change between process and control!) from these items’ details page

  16. Axiom now remembers the last selected rule pack on screens like Matrix reports, and loads it directly when changing between views

  17. Removed “Reminder type” as an option when creating a reminder. This is set to “Remind and attest” for all new items.

  18. Fixed an issue where context menus were truncated when reaching bottom edge of the Inbox

  19. Tweaks to behind-the-scenes application security in line with ongoing industry best practice

  20. Some sensible default reminder dates will be suggested when creating a reminder, based on the frequency of attestation

  21. Disabled “add a record” control for non-content editors

  22. Disabled tag management control for non content-editors

  23. Disabled custom document control for non content-editors

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at

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