Axiom Update 3.9.0

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.9.0 is now live!

This update contains a variety of features intended to improve the Axiom experience, as well as extending the platform’s capabilities into new areas.

Please see below for details of exactly what has changed:

New features and improvements

  1. Various background changes in preparation for upcoming ‘advanced workflow’ capabilities

  2. Added a new ‘matrix’ screen layout for Risks, Processes, and Controls We’ll be publishing a full article on how to get the best from this new feature shortly!

  1. Added new ‘matrix’ screen layouts for viewing In Progress, Upcoming, and Completed workflow items (e.g. attestations) We’ll be publishing a full article on how to get the best from this new feature shortly!

  2. Moved the ‘delete’ button for Topics to the top-right context menu to make this consistent with other actions

  1. Expanded the ability of the ‘global search’ function to find new items added with Oversight & SMCR and Breach modules

  2. Additions to MI data allowing for new Oversight & SMCR and Breach features to be included

  3. Added the card name to images downloaded from MI

  4. Introduced the ability to ‘explode’ an MI filter directly on the new card when designing it This lets you add a top-level item (such as ‘CASS 6’) and then press the ‘plus’ icon to add all sub-chapters to the card individually, allowing you to create a chart with these as axis labels without adding them all one-by-one

  1. Added a user management page to the new Axiom UI Admins (only) can find the users page under “Admin Panel” when clicking their name on the top-right of the screen.


  1.  Added a new method allowing for all accounts with a ‘closed’ date provided to be set to status ‘closed’ when called Please let us know if you’re interested in using the Axiom API to help automate your workflow

Oversight & SMCR

  1. Various UI and workflow changes to the certification workflow

  2. Improved the layout and information showing on the person card

Issue & Breach

  1. Various fixes and improvements to issue MI

  2. Adjustments to issue tasks in readiness for upcoming Task List module

Fixes and tweaks

  1. Improved the formatting of some audit trail records

  2. Increased the possible length of a topic detail field to 8,000 characters

  3. Fixed an issue where it could be impossible to disable some e-mail notifications

  4. Fixed an issue where some ‘offline’ reminders could generate overdue e-mail notifications

  5. Improved cut-and-paste behaviour in rich text editor fields

  6. Fixed a problem where drilling down on attestation pass/fail MI charts was not opening the data table as expected

  7. Improved loading times of various screens across the platform

  8. Fixed an issue where rules added with a future date could not appear in some parts of the application

  9. Changed the default behaviour when clicking a record ‘file’ to download it (previously opened the ‘new file version’ upload process)

  10. Allowed all MI queries to take future dated items as standard

  11. Fixed an issue where a document could be scheduled for a past date

  12. Fixed an issue with showing Process and Control names in MI where a special character was included

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at

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