Axiom Update 3.9.9

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.9.9 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:

Workflow listings update

  1. As per our ‘Feature preview’ here the newest updates to the Workflow listings screens (now renamed as Events) provide an enhanced view of Reminders and attestations (and Workflows with Steps for customers with the SMCR module). (Click image below for full size)

Summary of key features

  1. Significantly increased column count from 5 to 25 to display richer information about completed, due and upcoming Reminders and Workflows; with added columns including: (1)

  2. Subjects included

  3. Days late

  4. Evidence provided? (Yes/No)

  5. Ability to toggle visibility on column headings (2)

  6. Advanced filtering on column headings e.g. it will now be possible to search for specific entities and their attestation responses, filter on number of days late and set the date range for attestation (3)

  7. Search criteria will now be added to the URL meaning you will now be able bookmark and/or send the search URL (to other Axiom users) to share attestation results

  8. Download CSV option provided (4)

Matrix Screens

  1. It is now possible to link from the ‘Matrix screens’ attestation data directly through to the new enhanced attestations view to provide you with a deeper perspective of your operations within the Axiom Platform. (Click image below for full size)


For users with Breach module enabled:

  1. Included an option to send e-mails to Issue owners and Investigators (for users with Breach module) on related Task completion(s). (Click image below for full size)

  1. Issue Investigators will now be notified when added or removed from an Issue

  2. Related Records and Tasks are now shown on the Issues listing screens

  3. Issue Tasks will now provide a link directly back to the parent Issue

  4. ‘Correspondence’ has been added as a Record ‘Type’. (Click image below for full size)

Included for all users:

  1. When an issue is closed the user who closed the issue and the date closed will be presented on the Issues listing screen, and may be filtered against and downloaded as a CSV


  1. Background work for forthcoming ‘Task lists’ features

  2. Minor visual improvements to Workflows (for those with SMCR modules enabled)

  3. Can place a Reminder within a Reminder which enables tracking and attesting to the results of a Reminder for a specified period

  4. Fixed a bug where is was not possible to add a record against a Process in the classic Axiom interface

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at

Axiom Team

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