Axiom HQ is becoming Ruleguard

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Axiom HQ is changing its name to Ruleguard with effect from 4th July 2022

In preparation for our next phase of growth, we have decided to rename the product and trading name to Ruleguard, to more accurately describe the needs of our clients and the nature of our solution.

The product currently known as Axiom will shortly be renamed to Ruleguard and our company trading name will also shortly change from Axiom HQ to Ruleguard.

This is a reflection of our rapid growth over the last few years and the evolution of our software platform from its origins as a ‘rules mapping tool’ to what is now a full-scope governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution.

Please note that there are no changes to the services we provide or the nature of the firm and this is not part of any merger, acquisition, change of control, or change of personnel.

Our company (legal entity) is not changing and remains Strategic Software Applications Ltd, trading as Ruleguard from 4th July 2022.


Instead of the web address for our website and the platform, we will switch to using from 4th July.


For further information please contact James Rees, Senior Account Manager:



Phone: 0203 890 1878

In the words of John O'Dwyer, our CEO:

“We are delighted to herald the next phase of our exciting growth story by changing our name to Ruleguard. From our humble origins as a rules mapping solution, we are now extremely proud to serve some of the most complex regulated financial firms in the world with a broad suite of automated compliance features.

Our clients rely on our platform to manage thousands of evidential documents, millions of regulated activities, and terabytes of compliance data, which is structured and organised at their fingertips to simplify audit and regulatory requirements.

Under our new Ruleguard name we look forward to rounding out our platform into a full-scope GRC offering that will enable our clients to automate the complete ‘rules to reporting’ workflow, supporting scenarios including accountability, compliance monitoring, operational resilience and audit with the highest standards of governance and cost efficiency.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our clients who have been so supportive and encouraging as we have travelled this journey together, and our hugely talented staff team without whose tremendous efforts none of this would have been possible.

We look forward to our next phase of exciting growth as Ruleguard.”