Tasks & Checklists


Tasks & Checklists

Assign granular tasks to individuals with fine-tuned control over dates & times, team responsibilities and dependencies

Axiom checklists allow you to create sets of tasks within the application.


Tasks can be organised into lists and scheduled with a sophisticated frequency management system. Whether tasks are relevant every day, or run to weekly, monthly, or less frequent schedules, they can be configured within Axiom to operate exactly when you need.


Tasks can be organised into tiers with configurable dependencies, letting you set up reviews and checkpoints at every level of the list. For example, foureye checks can be made mandatory before tasks can be signed of

When tasks are due, they appear in a dedicated Inbox view within Axiom, and the system can also issue email alerts to relevant individuals as needed. Completing tasks on Axiom is fast and straightforward, meaning that the workflow is unobtrusive and adds only a minimal step to day-to-day compliance activities.


In return, Axiom provides rich reporting and review features about every checklist being managed, giving you detailed insights at the touch of a button. Audit preparation is simplified with full logs of task results being available and exportable outside of Axiom. And individuals at every level of the compliance process have real-time access to the latest status about every item.